There is always hope that, even in the depths of the night, a glimmer might appear.

Light is never more reassuring than in the anguish of the shadows.

A little light, a little reason, even if for only an instant, makes chaos disappear.

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A luminous creation in the universe of concrete, as if the long exposure has allowed light to emerge from where the sphere has just broken the sharp angles of the urban landscape.

Raw architecture mixed with the softness of a light fragment forming a graphic symbiosis.

Presence/absence of the photographer, who is sometimes trapped in the circle he has traced.

This series should be viewed as a performance at the location of the shot. The author reconstructs the scene by impregnating it with his own aesthetic universe.

Lambda Print - Fujifilm Super brillant paper - Dibon - 31.5" x 47" - Limited edition (8x)

Thanks to Loïc Bonnaure, Alexis Vettoretti, Damien Rivals and Pierre.

2012 © Nicolas Rivals
All rights reserved