What is in the picture? A work of Light Painting where pure chance determines each individual's interpretation of what is in the frame. The aesthetic of the molten metal associated with the symmetry of the water reflections leads the viewer to question the reality of the image, even though here it really is photography.

The psychology test is designed to inverse the spectator roles. Through the medium of these great eyes, respectively the observer, then the observed, you ultimately perceive a part of your own personality and therefore yourself. At the meeting point between the work and yourself as viewer, as if with introspection, these masks seem to shout :

"Tell me what you see and I’ll tell you who you are".

Masque rorschach light painting feu wool steel herman rorschach peinture a la lumière street art rorchar nicolas rivals plasticien mask french photographer light rorschach art 300 helmet metal en fusion reflet rorchard monstre

Lambda Print - Fujifilm Super brillant - Dibon - 15,75" x 23,50" - Limited Edition (8x)

2012 © Nicolas Rivals
All rights reserved